Contact: Kirsten Kulis, Vice President

The Only 100% Handsfree Voice Control iOS App – vokul™ – Helps People Stay in Touch Safely while On the Go.

WASHINGTON, DC (April 23, 2012)
vokul™ for iOS devices (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad), helps people avoid distracted driving and multitasking mistakes. Using simple voice commands, vokul™ users can dictate text messages and emails, post to Facebook and Twitter, call contacts, and play music and podcasts – without pressing any buttons!

New in version 1.2, vokul™ adds email dictation and social network integration, including live playback of Twitter timelines and Facebook newsfeeds. vokul's™ clear and pleasant-sounding voice prompts guide users through message composition and sending/posting. vokul also now supports Bluetooth headsets and in-vehicle systems (handsfree profile only) for messaging.

vokul™ is fast, accurate, and tuned for noisy environments, like a car. "vokul™ isn't like any other product on the market today," said Zach Kulis, President, KulTek, LLC. "vokul's™ hybrid speech recognition delivers faster and more reliable performance – it can even respond to users' commands while audio is playing."

vokul™ supports freeform dictation for messaging, the result of a partnership with Nuance Communications, Inc. With vokul™ in your car, daily commutes are productive and safe," said Kirsten Kulis, Vice President.

vokul™ users can search for media items by saying only a portion of a song, artist, or album name. Media player voice commands make it easy to skip through long podcasts and audiobooks, change tracks, and even change the playback tempo. Also, vokul's™ fitness mode enables single-word commands (e.g., "next, previous, pause, etc.") and offers music tempo adjustment to match workout pace.

Beginning with version 1.2, vokul™ is now available in the U.K. and Australia. vokul™ works on many iOS devices including the iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod touch 3rd/4th generation, and all iPad models.

The KulTek, LLC husband and wife team created vokul™ to make it easy and safe to stay tuned in, up to date, and in touch while on-the-go.

Get vokul, available in the App Store now for just $2.99. For more information, visit

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